You’ve probably got a meticulous business plan, but does it include a functional and aesthetically pleasing parking area or consider the proximity and design of public parking and privately owned garages? Most customers will not wait in line for parking, deciding to try their luck elsewhere instead. Without adequate parking capacity and efficiently designed lots, you may be hurting your business’s bottom line. To get customers through your doors, here are the top 5 features of a great parking lot:

Efficient layout for easy navigation

The layout of your parking lot can determine whether the traffic flow is smooth or ends up severely congested. If you’re parking lot or garage is not easily accessible, customers may opt to take their business elsewhere. There are several elements you can incorporate into your lot to keep congestion at bay, including directional arrows and striping for easy-to-understand traffic patterns and convenient pedestrian walkways to prevent people from slowing the flow. Angled parking spaces and one-way lanes also make parking and leaving much easier.