Man in car at a parking lot

If you see your business’s patrons rushing in and out of your parking lot – either in their cars or on foot – you might want to take a second look as to what you can do to optimize their parking lot experience.

Curcio Enterprises, Inc. recommends implementing one or more of the following measures to create a better experience for your visitors:

Look Out! (for Safety Hazards)

If your parking lot screams “Watch out!”, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Fortunately, our Curcio Enterprises, Inc. team has several years of experience helping businesses identify common parking lot problems like the need for a proper sealcoat, lot re-striping, and traffic sign painting.

It’s important to look out for issues that could pose hazards to drivers and pedestrians. Faded striping could send mixed messages to drivers, while broken traffic signs could fall and hit an innocent bystander. Keep a lookout for other common dangers like potholes, large cracks, broken glass, and broken lights.

Let the Light In

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining a well-lit lot. It’s not just good advice for the winter months when the day gets darker sooner. It could even help deter possible criminal activity if there is no darkness for thieves and perps to hide behind. Good lighting will help patrons feel more safe and secure and they’ll be able to see where they’re going.

Not to mention, if your lights have bulb or wiring malfunctions, it’ll be harder for your customers to see some of the problem areas of your lot that we listed above. Make an effort to perform regular inspections of your lighting system.

Increase Safety Measures

There are some other ways you can easily discourage criminals from staking out at your lot. Some parking lot managers may install video surveillance cameras to make business owners and customers feel safer as well as “No Loitering” or “No Trespassing” signs for increased security.

If you have shrubbery and other plant life at your place of business, you should keep them trimmed to a low enough level that potential criminals won’t be able to hide in them, where they might prey on unsuspecting victims.

Traffic Signs/Rules

Did you know that 20% of all car accidents occur in parking lots? Encourage drivers in your lot to slow down by installing speed limit signs and other signage that reminds them that the road isn’t just theirs. Make sure your traffic signs are readable, drivers can differentiate between driving and walking lanes, and that your signs are stationed strategically where it will be difficult for your patrons to miss them.

Perform Regular Housekeeping

A clean parking lot is a happy parking lot. Often times, the biggest difference between a well-maintained lot and one that is sub-par has to do with cleanliness. Your maintenance workers should be keeping an eye out for trash, bottles, broken glass, and any water or leaf buildup in your lot’s gutters. You might be amazed what a huge difference a simple cleanup can do for your business.

If your business is looking for a dedicated team of professionals to perform parking facility maintenance services, contact Curcio Enterprises. Our range of services include striping, asphalt repairs, seal coating, pressure washing, power sweeping, general maintenance, parking facility signage, and much more! We’ll give your parking facility a sleek and professional look that’s sure to attract and impress more customers. Let us help your company reach the top! We look forward to your call.