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Backing Up The Reasons for Backing Into Parking Spaces

Backing Up Our Reasons for Backing Into Parking Spaces

Although driving in a parking lot may feel safer than being on the streets, research has shown that a significant amount of collisions occur in parking lots. According to the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), parking lot collisions make up as much as 20% of all accidents.

As always, you should follow safety precautions when driving in a parking lot, such as staying alert, following all posted speed limits and warnings, and wearing your seatbelt.

But the research is in with a new safety tip that you may not be aware of—backing into your parking space, rather than pulling in.

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Give Me a Sign: The Psychology Behind Traffic Signage

Construction worker telling cars to stop

If you think about it, road signs are integral to keeping drivers alive. A traffic sign could mean the difference between a driver making that life-saving stop or possibly running into oncoming cars. Drivers have to making important decisions in a matter of seconds, which is why sign manufacturers create signage with the human psyche in mind.

This week, Curcio Enterprises, Inc. shares a few key areas where psychology is used in the creation of traffic signage:

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