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Parking Lot Projects: Working with a Licensed and Insured Business

When you work with a business, you want them to efficiently and safely get the job done without incurring more costs. There are two paths you can take: the risky path or the safe one. Too often, we hear horror stories when people hesitantly decide to work with an unlicensed or uninsured business. Which path will you take? Curcio Enterprises gives you the reasons why it is critical to work with a licensed and insured business for any of your parking lot projects.


Safety and Liability

It goes without saying that insurance is designed to protect people. Our previous blog discussed premises liability from a pedestrian perspective, but the same holds true for businesses working on your property. What if the business causes injury to a pedestrian or driver while performing maintenance updates to your parking lot or pressuring washing your property? Are they properly insured, and do they have a business license? Insurance claims can easily become complicated if the business does not have the proper coverage. If a business can create any sort of liability for you, then you may want to reconsider utilizing their services.

Contractors are also required to have the proper licenses required by the State of California. Some contractors do not have the proper licenses because they want to avoid paying for the high-risk insurances that businesses are required to obtain for their specific license. It is crucial to work with contractors that have the proper licenses and coverage to promote safety, especially in high-risk environments.


The Costs Associated with Risk

There are two sides to risk: safety and cost. You can choose to work with an uninsured an unlicensed business, but the costs associated with this risk are not worth it. You cannot cross your fingers and hope nothing bad will happen. Chance and luck are not viable options when it comes to avoiding complicated lawsuits and opening up the potential for injury to innocent people. Lawsuits not only take valuable time away from your business, but they also produce expenses rapidly. You must ask yourself initially if it is worth cutting corners and costs if it could cost you more in the end. When you spend a little bit more money on services from a licensed and insured business, you reduce your exposure to risk and increase safety.


How to Find a Licensed and Insured Business

Finding the right business will require a little bit of research. Sometimes a business’s website can reveal all the information you need to know about them. If a business is not willing to disclose their license number or insurance information, then you may want to think twice before using their services. You should work with a business that demonstrates their expertise and credibility in the industry.

Curcio Enterprises, Inc. is a licensed and insured business that can perform general parking lot maintenance, paving, striping, and seal coatings on your parking lot. We also manufacture custom signage for your lot. In addition, we offer power sweeping and pressure washing to ensure your parking lot and facility always appear clean and safe.

Keep your parking lot, facility, and pedestrians safe by working with a licensed and insured business. Contact us today or call (818) 771-1900 to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

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Pressure Washing Protocols


Pressure washing is an important component in maintaining a clean, safe facility for drivers, pedestrians, and visitors. Though pressure washing has several benefits, there are a few things to be mindful of before you begin. Curcio Enterprises wants to keep you informed on the pressure washing protocols along with how sticking to a regular pressure washing schedule could benefit your facility.

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Using Extra Funds for Making Parking Lot Improvements

As we continue to make it through the beginning months of the year, it is crucial to focus on making parking lot maintenance improvements. The economy’s growth and greater availability of funds have made it easier on cities, property and facility managers, and building owners to make necessary improvements to their parking lots in California. Don’t delay enhancing your lots now. There is no better time to work with a parking lot maintenance company than now. The economy and the weather are on your side to start your project.

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A Beneficial Perspective That Can Improve Your Parking Lot Usage

Parking from the driver’s vantage point

There’s no doubt parking can be frustrating. Your parking lot either adds to the frustration, reduces it, or eliminates it.

But how do you know the impact your facility is having?

Try putting yourself in the driver’s seat. Think strategically about the experience your customers/patrons are having in your lot (from behind the wheel).

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Is Your Parking Facility Vulnerable to Theft and Vandalism?

Law enforcement will respond. But wouldn’t you prefer to avoid thefts or vandalism in your parking facilities altogether?

Auto-related thefts rank high among police calls. Many occurrences happen within a parking facility.

You’re not likely to outsmart or outnumber vandals and thieves that threaten your patron’s vehicles. But there are approaches you can take to reduce your parking facility’s vulnerability and increase safety.

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How a Well-Lit Parking Lot is More Than a “Bright Idea”

Why keep your clientele in the dark? Parking lot lighting gives you more advantages than simply illuminating your property.

A business asset

You wouldn’t think of running your business without insuring it. Consider your lighting as a type of insurance policy.

Think security and safety for starters. “Trouble” sees darkness or dim lighting as an invitation.

You’ll attract more of the attention you desire and less that you don’t when your parking facility is well-lit. Plus, your patrons will feel more secure about their vehicles and belongings.

Remember, darkness provides cover for thieves and vandals. High resolution lighting deters their activity causing them to move along to less illuminated areas.

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The Ins and Outs of Shopping Mall Parking

The shopping mall is about as American as baseball and apple pie. Did you know a relaxing shopping experience begins with the parking lot? Customers like the shopping center’s convenience: they drive in, park and walk to their destination in safety and speed. With the busy holiday shopping season upon us, we thought this is the perfect time to take a look at the ins and outs of shopping mall parking:

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