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The Price of Repaving: 4 Considerations

cracked asphalt after earthquake

We don’t know anyone that doesn’t like spending as little as possible for the things we need. But when it comes to your parking lots and garages, maintenance is not something to scrimp on.

Parking lots – especially those comprised of asphalt – regularly weather the elements, car and foot traffic, and other factors that cause damage. When parking areas become too run-down to be used efficiently, you know it’s time for a repaving job. Not to mention, having a clean, pristine-looking parking lot will tell your patrons that you care as much about your business’s appearance and safety as you do about its services.

Before you pour money into a repaving project, it’s important to do your research on what to expect out of the process. Curcio Enterprises, Inc. offers the following considerations:

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How to Manage a Mall Parking Lot

Managing a parking lot is an important but stressful task. When it comes to mall parking, the tenants put their trust in those who manage their parking areas and expect them to get regular maintenance.

The most effective way to address parking lot maintenance issues is to be aware of current parking lot flaws. In this blog, Curcio Enterprises, Inc. will highlight some key parking lot needs to ensure a smooth driving experience.

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