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The Weather’s Damaging Effects On Asphalt

California may be known for its natural beauty and laidback atmosphere, but the state is no stranger to harsh weather. Historically, the Golden State is subjected to oscillating patterns of severe drought and heavy rainfall combined with temperature extremes. More than just an uncomfortable nuisance, such weather patterns strain vital infrastructure, promoting costly damage that, for an entire state, can reach billions of dollars.

From potholes to sinkholes, California weather can certainly cause headaches for businesses, government officials, and workers responsible for repairing roadways, parking lots, and other concrete structures. To mitigate the destruction wreaked by nature, an understanding of how cold, heat, wet, and dry conditions affect asphalt can be used to implement preventative measures.

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Fight roadway traffic congestion with parking

California cities ought to include parking maintenance and construction in their efforts to curtail traffic congestion. Improving flow by standing still may seem counterintuitive, but providing convenient parking options will get drivers off the road and prevent them from wandering in the pursuit of the ideal spot.

Cities don’t have to take up an already limited amount of space to create ideal parking areas. Read on to learn how your city can combat congestion through creative parking solutions.

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