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Top 5 Features of a Great Parking Lot

You’ve probably got a meticulous business plan, but does it include a functional and aesthetically pleasing parking area or consider the proximity and design of public parking and privately owned garages? Most customers will not wait in line for parking, deciding to try their luck elsewhere instead. Without adequate parking capacity and efficiently designed lots, you may be hurting your business’s bottom line. To get customers through your doors, here are the top 5 features of a great parking lot:

Efficient layout for easy navigation

The layout of your parking lot can determine whether the traffic flow is smooth or ends up severely congested. If you’re parking lot or garage is not easily accessible, customers may opt to take their business elsewhere. There are several elements you can incorporate into your lot to keep congestion at bay, including directional arrows and striping for easy-to-understand traffic patterns and convenient pedestrian walkways to prevent people from slowing the flow. Angled parking spaces and one-way lanes also make parking and leaving much easier.

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The Importance of Parking Facility Maintenance

Why is parking facility maintenance so important?

Probably for the same reason why website maintenance is important. Parking lots and websites are many companies’ first impressions. If your facility appears dirty or unprofessional, people are going to walk into your establishment feeling deterred, and things will already be getting off on the wrong foot.

Picture a parking lot that’s sloppy or disheveled. Trash and rubble align the spaces, the paint is dull and chipping, the construction appears old and outdated, and it’s clear no one has tended to the facility in years. Not only will customers lose their enthusiasm right off the bat, they’ll also feel very unsafe. Would you want to leave your car unattended in a place that looks like a stiff breeze could knock it over? Parking lot maintenance is just as important as business maintenance, and if your customers don’t like what they see, they probably won’t return.

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5 Things a Good Parking Facility Maintenance Team Needs

A parking facility maintenance team is a group of professionals hired to make your parking facility stand out from all the others. The duties of a maintenance team often vary, and range from cleaning and striping to installing sign packages.

Hiring the right maintenance team can be crucial for keeping your parking facility up to par and safe, which means only the best will do. This can be a pretty tricky decision; one team might have the best prices, but work at a snail’s pace. Another might move fast and have great Yelp reviews, but their prices are higher than you expected.

All these factors are relevant to finding the right team, but they’re just a sliver of the many qualities a good maintenance group should consistently exhibit. Here are five traits your team must always possess:

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