Why keep your clientele in the dark? Parking lot lighting gives you more advantages than simply illuminating your property.

A business asset

You wouldn’t think of running your business without insuring it. Consider your lighting as a type of insurance policy.

Think security and safety for starters. “Trouble” sees darkness or dim lighting as an invitation.

You’ll attract more of the attention you desire and less that you don’t when your parking facility is well-lit. Plus, your patrons will feel more secure about their vehicles and belongings.

Remember, darkness provides cover for thieves and vandals. High resolution lighting deters their activity causing them to move along to less illuminated areas.

Pedestrian protection

Darkness and poor lighting increases the risks to your patrons when they depart their vehicles. It also places an unnecessary liability on those driving on your property.

Pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic mustn’t be at odds with each other. Seeing and being seen is a benefit to everyone.

”Image” illumination

No doubt you have pride in your facilities. From entry and exit points to parking spaces to transitions into the adjacent venues you want to shine-a-light on your business.

Dull, dim, and poor lighting gives the impression that you lack care about your image and the design you invested in. Strategically designed, updated parking lot lighting enhances your professional image.

Effective parking lot lighting should be more than a design after-thought. Illuminate your facility’s assets and communicate that you value the safety and security of those who access them.

Let us help you evaluate your parking lot lighting. Contact Curcio Enterprises to discuss strategies and options for effective parking facility lights.