As we continue to make it through the beginning months of the year, it is crucial to focus on making parking lot maintenance improvements. The economy’s growth and greater availability of funds have made it easier on cities, property and facility managers, and building owners to make necessary improvements to their parking lots in California. Don’t delay enhancing your lots now. There is no better time to work with a parking lot maintenance company than now. The economy and the weather are on your side to start your project.


Perfect Timing

The timing is just right, as the beginning of the year tends to allow more flexibility with funds. For instance, the City of Santa Monica has been able to start more projects with the economy’s growth. With more funds available, this is an ideal time to make improvements. Is your stadium’s parking lot up to date? Does your college campus have all the proper signage? Does your property needed to be restriped? How long has it been since you last performed maintenance on your lot? Ask yourself these questions and start making the necessary improvements to your parking lot.


Maintenance and Enhancements

It is best to take advantage of these parking lot services now, especially if you have the funds to do so. Making these improvements is an investment that could save you money long-term. Though we’ve made it through January with a few cold days, we’ve had unseasonably warm weather greeting us as the sun rises. SoCal’s fluctuating weather can make it difficult to predict the perfect timing. Start these services before rain or snow fall:

Striping. Do you have a new parking lot that needs striping or an existing lot that needs to be restriped? Curcio offers original designs to meet your requirements and also has the equipment to remove existing lines. Consider parking lot striping for safety and convenience if your lot contains faded or unclear striping. Don’t wait for weather setbacks if your lot needs these improvements now.

Paving. It is crucial to create a safe, comfortable environment for drivers. Are there potholes or other areas that could cause damage to vehicles? Can a pedestrian be injured walking through the lot? Parking lot paving services enhance your lot and create safety for those that enter it. Clear skies make for clear roads; start paving immediately!

Slurry Seal. Reduce maintenance costs with slurry seal in your lot. The seal stops weather damage and is resistant to oil and gas. Ultimately, it improves the look of your lot and fixes any cracks. You can’t seal your lot with unsatisfactory weather. Benefit from the clear skies while you can.


A Sign to Make Changes Now

Having the proper signage is another crucial safety component for your parking lot. Signs tell people where to go and if they don’t know where to go, this causes additional confusion and can lead to an accident. Whether you need to update your signs, replace them, or need new ones, now is the time to request them.

Curcio Enterprises offers fast and reliable services for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how you can pave it forward to improve your parking lot while the timing is just right.