People tend to go where it is most convenient. That being said, if your mall’s parking lot is too difficult to navigate and people dread going there, then your facility can start to lose business. Curcio Enterprises reveals the signs your mall parking lot should have to ensure it is not a hassle for all your facility’s visitors.

Directional Signs

Drivers need to know which way to go. Your facility invites wrong way accidents and other catastrophes if drivers and pedestrians are unsure of the direction they need to be driving or walking. Entrance and exit signs are also pivotal in mall parking lots and garages. They are a type of directional sign that tell drivers where they can safely enter and leave. To keep everyone safe on the road and on foot, it is crucial to implement directional signs in your mall’s parking lot.

LED Parking Garage Signs

LED parking garage signs are a great feature for driver convenience, as they tell drivers how many available spots there are on your leveled parking structure. Instead of drivers fighting for spots closer to their destination, they are able to know upon entrance how many spots are left on specific levels or if the entire parking structure is full. During the holidays, this can be a time-saver for drivers, as they can spend less time driving through a full parking lot and more time inside the mall.

Elevators, Escalators, and Stairs

You should have properly labeled elevators, escalators, and stairs – as well as how to get to them – in your mall’s parking lot. When drivers park their cars, they should not have to look far to find these areas. Not all malls are designed with entrances on every floor, making it a requirement to take the elevator or stairs. Ensure you have the proper signage to direct pedestrians to them safely and efficiently.

Common Signs and Clearance Bars

Some parking lots may require basic signs, such as private property, surveillance, and towing notices. Make sure your facility is properly labeled to enforce the rules. Clearance bars also protect your facility from damage to the structure and keep drivers safe. Taller vehicles should know the clearance before they approach the bar or run into it. Protect your facility in the event of a lawsuit by implementing the correct and proper signage.

Past Clients

Curcio Enterprises, Inc. has worked with various shopping centers like the Citadel Outlets and the Century City Shopping Center as well as other big names in the industry to manufacture all types of signs. View our portfolio to see our work and what we can do for your facility.

The Importance of Signs

When it is a hassle to find parking, drivers can become frustrated and distracted. It should not take a great deal of focus or energy to navigate through a parking lot. Large malls or shopping centers should have clear signage to send drivers and pedestrians in the right direction. A safe, clean, and properly signed area will draw tourists during the summer and holidays, which are approaching soon.

Do you need custom signs for your facility’s parking lot? Contact Curcio Enterprises, Inc. to keep your mall parking lot looking its best all year round.