Pressure washing is an important component in maintaining a clean, safe facility for drivers, pedestrians, and visitors. Though pressure washing has several benefits, there are a few things to be mindful of before you begin. Curcio Enterprises wants to keep you informed on the pressure washing protocols along with how sticking to a regular pressure washing schedule could benefit your facility.


The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing benefits your business because it makes your facility and parking lot inviting, safe, and free of debris. It can be time-consuming and expensive to hire groundskeepers to continually maintain your landscape and parking lot. It gives anyone entering your lot a positive first impression of your business. You can also pressure wash your facility’s building, overflowing gutters, and any other dirty areas that can withstand the pressure. This creates an overall clean, professional look of your facility.


Protocols and Standards

For pressure washing to be effective and safe, it must be executed correctly. You cannot let the water, dirt, or other hazardous materials that the pressure washer cleans up drain into sewage. You should work with a team that makes sure only biodegradable, treated water will be rinsed to drains. Any hazardous materials should be disposed of separately, as they are dangerous to people and the environment. It is also essential to use special equipment when removing hazardous material spills to check the contamination levels. This measure is taken to increase the levels of public safety. If not used properly, or used excessively, pressure washing can damage surfaces. You must work with an expert to ensure that your parking lot is protected year-round.


Equipment to Get the Job Done

There are various forms of equipment used for pressure washing. These include:

  • Portable power steam cleaning machines
  • Power scrubbers
  • Wet vacuums
  • Recycling/separating tanks

You should work with a company that has the proper tools to get the done safely and efficiently.


Pressure Washing Schedule

Implement a regular pressure washing schedule to maintain your parking lot and facility’s clean and inviting appearance. Dirt can easily build up in cracks on the pavement and sidewalk. Repairs can be costly; a regular schedule saves you money by fixing problems that could arise down the road. Though you can’t control this, you can take control by regularly using pressure washing to maintain a clean lot.

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