With travel season around the corner, it is crucial to perform maintenance on your airport parking lots, structures, and garages. In this week’s blog, we highlight the importance of getting your parking lot ready for the busy travel season this summer and review a maintenance checklist. During peak travel months, thousands of vacationers pass through airports each day and your facility must be ready for them.


  1. Parking Lot Paving

The last thing you want to happen at an airport is an injury. Travelers are frantically running around to be on time for their flights and drivers are trying to successfully navigate out of congested drop off areas. A flat tire from a damaged road or an injured pedestrian contribute to travel headaches. You want to make their experience easy and enjoyable; you do not want to put more obstacles in front of them.

Pave surface lots and parking garages to keep travelers and drivers happy when they are at your airport. Paved lots create a smooth road for both drivers and pedestrians. They do not guarantee an accident-free area, but they do lessen the risk for them. Newly paved lots also lend a positive first impression to enhance the appearance of your airport.

  1. Pressure Washing and Power Sweeping

Anyone who enters your airport should not have to worry about dodging oil stains or steering clear of piles of debris. Pressure washing and power sweeping give your facility a clean, fresh look. When you pressure wash your lot, you remove oil and grease stains as well as other hazardous materials on your lot. Power sweeping gets rid of dirt and debris by using backpack blowers or truck-mounted sweepers.


  1. Parking Lot Seal Coating

If you do not need to completely repave your parking lots or garages, then you can seal coat them to repair any cracks or damages. This preserves the life of the pavement, which is a key feature for airports because there are several cars, buses, and shuttles that create wear and tear on the asphalt.


  1. Parking Lot Striping and Signage

When drivers and travelers make their way through your airport parking lot, they should not have to guess where they are supposed to go. Parking lot striping serve as guides for drivers, and signage helps travelers park and safely arrive at their destination.

If you need barrier installation, floor painting, parking meters, or additional general maintenance services, contact Curcio Enterprises, Inc. to keep your facility running smoothly and looking its best. Our experienced, licensed, and insured professionals offer a variety of services to help you with your next project.