Premises liability will vary based on state, but California law dictates that individuals may be entitled to compensation if they are injured due to a property manager or owner’s negligence of maintaining their facility. Curcio Enterprises has some effective solutions to maintaining your property’s parking lot to ensure safety and avoid lawsuits.


What is considered negligent property management?


Legal resource website reports, “Property owners have a duty to ensure conditions do not exist on the premises that could result in injury to others, whether guests to a residence, customers in a store, or visitors to an amusement park.” If you do not regularly maintain your parking lot, then you can easily be tangled in a lawsuit if someone is injured on your property. When you ignore potential safety hazards or areas that could cause injuries, you open the door for risk and costly expenses for your business. You will not only have to pay for maintenance updates, but also the costs associated with a lawsuit.


What maintenance updates should you make?


You should make sure your parking lot and facility is always clean, safe, and repaired if there are any damages. Repairs should be done immediately, but also be closed off to the public, so they know they could be injured if they approach or access the damaged area. Your facility should be clean of dirt, debris, and anything that could obstruct drivers or pedestrians from safely reaching their destination.


You should regularly pressure wash and power sweep your facility and parking lot to maintain a fresh, clean area. Your parking lot should also be sealed to protect from oil, wear, and weather damage. Parking lot seal coatings also repair most cracks that, depending on their size, can damage vehicles and create a risk for pedestrians. There are several ways someone can injure themselves in a poorly maintained parking lot whether they are behind the wheel or on foot. Lastly, you should implement a general maintenance schedule to keep your parking facility running smoothly all year long. Regular updates are crucial to meet safety expectations and also create an appealing facility.


Why is premises liability important?


As a property owner or manager, it is your job to make improvements and maintain the quality and safety of your facility. You are responsible for ensuring your parking lots are properly maintained for drivers but are also safe for pedestrians. When you regularly expect visitors at your facility, it is crucial to create a risk-free, inviting space for them. The last thing they should have to worry about is getting injured at your facility, whether they are on their way to their apartment from the grocery store or ready to head home from the amusement park.


Don’t put your property at financial risk by neglecting to maintain its appearance and safety. Curcio Enterprises, Inc. offers fast and reliable services for your project. Contact us today or call (818) 771-1900 to learn more about facility and parking lot maintenance for your property.