Law enforcement will respond. But wouldn’t you prefer to avoid thefts or vandalism in your parking facilities altogether?

Auto-related thefts rank high among police calls. Many occurrences happen within a parking facility.

You’re not likely to outsmart or outnumber vandals and thieves that threaten your patron’s vehicles. But there are approaches you can take to reduce your parking facility’s vulnerability and increase safety.

Risk factors

The size, location, and function of your parking facility can reveal much about your crime risk.

The risk of theft from autos was found to be six times greater in city center parking lots than in parking decks according to a study conducted in Charlotte, NC.

For example, a parking lot used by park-and-ride commuters is naturally more at risk because of length of time vehicles are unattended (thieves know this).

A multi-level parking facility might experience less vulnerability than a single level parking lot. The reason? Entrance and exit locations are fewer and thieves are not as likely to access multi-level facilities on foot.

Lot attendants and visible security such as cameras and bright lighting can deter unlawful activity on either type of parking facility.

Speaking of deterrents…

Three Strategies to Protect Your Parking Facility Patrons from Harm, Property Loss, or Property Damage

Make it difficult

Lighting, available on-site personnel, and the visible presence of law enforcement during high-profile events are good first steps.

Crimes are frequently the result of opportunity. Make it easy and you increase your odds of being a victim. Make it difficult and you’ll reduce the risk.

Create awareness

Be your customer’s/patron’s conscience. Educate them with via clear, strategically placed signage throughout your parking facilities.

  • Remind them to lock their doors and store their belongings out of sight when departing their vehicle
  • Encourage them to be aware of their surroundings when stowing their possessions and locking their auto

Simple, common sense posted reminders will be appreciated. They will also be rewarded when thieves and vandals are deterred by your proactive steps to protect your parking facility users.

It sends a clear message: “We’re aware and watching!”


Build a good relationship with local and regional law enforcement. Their presence sends a warning signal to any would-be felons.

Patrons who drive onto your lot will feel an added level of security. They will also appreciate your extra effort to protect their family, personal belongings, and vehicle.

Law enforcement on-site informs everyone that you have a zero-tolerance mindset towards vehicle theft and vandalism.

Evaluate your parking lot security and safety. Contact Curcio Enterprises to provide lighting, custom signage, and lot design to improve security and protect your customers.