Asphalt Patch Repair

Because parking is one of the first ways customers interact with your business in person, you’ll want to keep your parking lot or parking garage in great shape. Visitors don’t usually notice your parking lot unless it looks neglected or it malfunctions in some way. Here are parking lot maintenance measures you can employ to keep your facility looking fresh.

Regular Power Sweeping

Small rocks, leaves, dirt, and debris might not seem like a big deal, but over time they can accumulate and make your parking lot look neglected. They can also clog drains and cause standing water to accumulate. All that mess can affect your parking lot or parking garage’s surface, reducing its life or causing major damage.


If you schedule regular power sweeping, have the operator keep an eye out for any cracks, stains, debris, or other malfunctions. You can also have your facility staff tour the parking lot once a week or month, depending on how heavy your vehicle traffic is. That way, any problems that come up won’t be allowed to get too big before you take action.

Clear Standing Water

In Southern California, we rarely have to worry about ice getting into cracks, but there can certainly be collections of water in the wrong places thanks to rain or irrigation runoff. Standing water can attract breeding insects, creating a nuisance for visitors. It can also seep into small cracks, making them worse.

Landscape Your Lot

The nicest parking lot in the world looks terrible if its landscaping is overgrown and weedy. In SoCal, weeding, deadheading, and mowing are musts! You also need to make sure that weeds don’t grow up in the small cracks in your pavement.

Fill Those Cracks

Any cracks over ⅛ of an inch need to be handled by filling them, lest they get worse and require you to repave your lot sooner rather than later. If neglected, the damage could extend farther down under the surface asphalt layer to the subsoil, spreading wider and requiring extensive repairs or a costly replacement.

Pressure Washing

Some stains and dirt buildup can’t be handled with regular power sweeping. If regular vehicle traffic causes oil stains to bloom in your parking lot or parking garage, pressure washing can remove them and make your surfaces look sparkling clean again. With Curcio, you can have this done daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

Seal coating

Add parking lot sealcoating to your maintenance schedule to preserve the life of your parking facility’s surface. After one year, your new asphalt parking lot surface should be seal-coated, and then every 2-3 years thereafter. The service should include fixing any cracks in the pavement, and then an asphalt slurry is applied with special equipment. The end result is a weather, gas, and oil-resistant surface that looks refreshed.

Facility Check

Aside from the surface of the lot which gets the most action, you also need to keep an eye on your electric equipment like lighting, gates, and security. Ensure that any damaged or missing signs (especially wayfinding signs) are replaced. Proper function and appearance will keep your parking lot or parking garage an integral element of your business.

Curcio Enterprises can provide all of these services, and we are here for you. Contact us to ensure that your parking facility gets the attention it deserves.