The more you do to enhance the experience patrons have with your business the better. This places a premium on the importance of parking lot signage.

Signs accomplish their purpose in seconds. And their value to your business goes beyond merely providing mundane information.


About one-fifth of all auto accidents occur in commercial parking facilities, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The damage most often affects autos or facilities though injury, and deaths can occur.

  • Speed and Caution signage are necessary reminders for drivers to be aware and avoid accidents.
  • Pedestrian crossings that are clearly marked warn patrons of approaching vehicles.

Lot saturation

Drivers are easily distracted these days. The volume of signage in your parking facility has value beyond redundancy.

Multiple signs that inform drivers of speed, parking level location, entrance and exit zones, and lane direction help your patrons stay focused and avoid confusion or accidents.

Strategic design

Action intentional signage encourages driver responsiveness according to a University of Michigan study. Sign imagery depicting motion produced better driver reaction times.

Use image based signage for pedestrian crossings and other areas where driver response is essential.

Demographic sensitivity

Our population is aging. It’s estimated that 70 million American drivers will be over age 65 by 2030, according to AAA.

  • Repetition and saturation of signage throughout your parking facilities will serve this growing demographic.
  • Customized signs that are easy to read and comprehend will help assure that senior patrons are safe and can easily navigate your facility.

Evaluate your parking lot signage. Drive through with the perspective of your patrons and to provide custom signage to improve their experience with your business. Curcio manufactures custom lot signage; see our portfolio for examples of our work, or contact us to discuss updating your parking lot signage!