When drivers are navigating through your parking lot, you want to make arriving at their destination and securing a parking spot the easiest part of their drive, especially if they’ve been sitting in rush hour traffic on the 405 freeway on a Thursday afternoon. At Curcio, we believe that safety is a key element in our business. We’ve created a checklist to guide you through ensuring your parking lot exudes the right amount of safety.

  1. Pay attention to the signs

Simply put: signs tell drivers where to go. Include proper signage to accommodate motorcyclists, handicap drivers, vehicles in need of loading zones, and other necessary stalls for the lot. Drivers must also be aware of the direction they should be driving. Are there traffic directions on the pavement to instruct them which rows they are allowed to pass through? Your signs should be visible and well maintained in order for drivers to easily view, especially if they are marked on the pavement. Also mark fire hydrants, meters, and other types of special areas to create an easily navigable and safe lot.

  1. Ensure compliance

Parking lot entrances and exits must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate all drivers. There should be no obstructions, damages, or insufficient lighting to create a safe space. Some parking lots contain tire deflation devices and it is essential to maintain them. They should be clearly marked so drivers do not miss them and accidentally deflate their tires while driving through your lot.

Other parking lots are equipped with gates. Regularly test entry and exit gates to know they are in proper working condition and add proper signage to them for additional safety. These should also contain ample lighting so drivers are aware of the gates before they approach them.

  1. Aim for accessibility

Your parking lot should not create a hassle for drivers. It should be regularly maintained, repaired, and equipped for emergency situations. Fire lanes should be accessible at all times to create an easy entrance point for fire trucks and other vehicles.

Because safety is key, lighting is an important part of our checklist. Drivers cannot easily navigate the lot if they are left in the dark or poorly lit areas. They should be able to see everything around them including pedestrians.

  1. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks

A broken curb, uneven or cracked pavement, and any other damaged areas can create an unpleasant trip from the parking lot to the courtroom. Damages create liabilities and a potential source of danger for drivers. It is crucial to regularly inspect your parking lot and create a safe environment for them.

Maintaining safety in your parking lot can depend on a variety of factors including weather and how often vehicles are passing through it. Use your discretion to conduct regular inspections.

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