How do you decide whether or not to charge for parking in your lot or install meters? To some drivers, paying for parking can seem like a small inconvenience, while for others it can automatically lend greater quality and a better experience. Curcio Enterprises takes a look at the benefits of paid and metered parking in this week’s blog to help you determine if your parking lot should take advantage of it.


Less Congestion in Lots


When drivers pay for parking, they spend less time driving around looking for free spots elsewhere. A study conducted on the impacts of paid parking in San Francisco demonstrates that “cruising” for parking spots dropped significantly (by 50%!). Less people circling for spots translated into less congested streets. The study calls attention to the importance of implementing paid parking but notes that the programs don’t have to be incredibly sophisticated to achieve results either.


Depending on the size of the lot and the location, some paid parking lots give drivers a better-quality lot. Some of these features include proximity to drivers’ desired destinations and even restrooms. These parking lots typically have the funds to make necessary enhancements and improvements to their lot when they charge for parking while others lot cannot offer the same.


Promoting Public Transit


With more cars on the road, especially in larger cities like Los Angeles, arriving at destinations has become a pain. Sitting in traffic can add hours to commutes and finding a parking spot could be even more time-consuming with congested roads. Paid parking can prompt drivers to select alternate methods of transportation, such as taking the bus or train, carpooling with others, or opting for taxi services.


The study mentioned above also reveals, “Decreasing the number of cruising drivers is directly connected to the primary public policy of goals of interest: reduced traffic congestion and pollution.” If paid parking can enhance the flow of traffic while protecting the environment, then we think the benefits are looking good!


Enhancing Revenue


Some sources claim that more parking meters hurt the city when it comes to tax revenue, but others assert it would help cities over time. Ultimately, it varies on location due to different city ordinances and needs. Paid parking lots and metered parking can help bring in revenue, but not as much as other projects that can easily replace unpaid lots. Empty parking lots can cost the city money, especially when they are already not charging for parking. When drivers pay for parking, the city can use that money to make neighborhood and transportation improvements. It is also crucial to ensure there are enough spots for drivers to accommodate the increasing number of cars on the road. Not all drivers always want to opt for public transportation and that must be taken into consideration.


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