Parking from the driver’s vantage point

There’s no doubt parking can be frustrating. Your parking lot either adds to the frustration, reduces it, or eliminates it.

But how do you know the impact your facility is having?

Try putting yourself in the driver’s seat. Think strategically about the experience your customers/patrons are having in your lot (from behind the wheel).

Ask yourself:

  • What are the in-and-out goals of our parking lot? Fluid or frustrating?
  • How difficult is it to find a spot…and how long on average does it take? During peak times? Off-peak times?
  • (If applicable) Do your fees match your parking lot amenities? (Flow, signage, covered vs. non-covered, appearance such as striping and surfacing, etc.)
  • Are your lot supervisors or attendants a positive representation of your “brand?”
  • What innovations could you implement that would upgrade your parking lot experience?
  • How are you using technology to improve your patron’s/customer’s experience in your lot (e.g. parking apps, smart parking technology, etc.)?

Take a drive around the block

Think lot visibility

First, imagine you’re a patron or customer looking for a parking facility. How visible is your signage?

A street-level sign (i.e. one a few feet off the ground) might be missed at first pass. That’s stealing opportunity from your facility. A patron that misses your lot altogether cannot experience your desired and unique level of parking service.

And is your lot easy-in-and-easy-out? For example, are you providing clear directional signage for lot exits that, for instance, border a one-way street?

Bottom line: be seen and be informative.

Picture the perfect parking spot

The moment a patron drives onto your lot the search is on! Sure, some don’t mind a walk from their car (it’s good exercise after all). But most prefer the prime spot as close to the door as possible.

  • Is your parking lot designed for ease of navigation? For example, someone is waiting for that prime spot to open up…turn signal engaged…waiting…waiting. Are your access lanes wide enough for a cautious, yet expedient swerve around to avoid waiting on the willing-to-wait patron?
  • Are you giving those parkers who are content with any available spot a secure and safe walk from their car to the door? Lighting, signage, on-site security cameras, and coverage from the elements are effective and appreciated.

Playing the pay-to-park game

Only the advance planners come with change ready to plug a parking meter or bills to slip into a pay slot. What about those who don’t have cash on hand or who prefer to pay via credit card or an app?

  • If applicable to your parking facility, provide multiple options for payment.
  • Research and offer pay by app, credit card, or other easy, non-cash/virtual forms of billing.
  • Provide periods of “free” parking as a complimentary gesture to your after-hours or early arriving patrons/customers.

These and other ideas can eliminate the parking payment hassle.

It may be time to take a drive around your parking lot from a patron’s point of view. The perspective will elevate your parking facility for your user’s experience.

Contact Curcio Enterprises to provide lighting, custom signage, and lot design to improve and create a memorable parking experience for your customers.