There can be a lot to remember when it comes to parking lot maintenance. There is a variety of services that are used to maintain and rehabilitate a healthy and safe parking lot, and it can be overwhelming to keep track of which ones your parking lot needs and when.

Curcio Enterprises, Inc. simplifies the process for you with the following basic timeline of parking lot maintenance services:

Pavement Maintenance

You can expect a parking lot pavement to have a lifespan of about 15 years without any maintenance. However, if you get a regular seal coating every three to five years and a crack filling annually, your pavement can last twice as long. The longer the life of your pavement, the better, because regular seal coating costs much less than major asphalt repairs and replacement. Rutting can also cause depressions or grooves in your lot that can be dangerous, especially in rainy conditions, so it’s important to regularly ensure that your lot is level and surfaced.

Our Asphalt Slurry Seal will also slow down weather damage, resist oil and gas stains, and restore the pavement to its brand-new shine. If you’re not sure about the level or surfacing of your parking lot, let us have a look and we’ll evaluate the condition of your lot for you.

Cleanliness & Professionalism

You’ll want to set up a regular schedule for power sweeping services to your parking lot varying from every other week to every other day, depending on the amount of use your lot sees. For example, an office building might only need the parking lot swept once or twice per week, but a restaurant might need to be swept more often to maintain its image of professionalism.

However, if your parking lot is in an area near lots of trees, plants, or other falling debris, it will need to be power swept regularly. This service is left up to the business owner’s discretion, but it’s recommended that you work out a schedule that will keep your lot looking consistently clean and free of debris.

Pressure Washing is another cleaning service that you want to consider at least once per year but this can also vary depending on location, business type, and traffic. For example, a mechanic would likely need more pressure washing services to get rid of oil and grease stains than a doctor’s office. Other structures such as indoor parking garages might have ceilings, walls, and stairwells they would like pressure washed to maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere.


Having legible and visible parking lot stripes, arrows, symbols, and signs is crucial to your customers’ safety and sense of well-being. There’s no hard rule about how often you should re-stripe your parking lot but it should likely be done at least every other year. If your parking lot is outdoors and receives a lot of direct sunlight, the UV rays may fade your striping much more quickly. It’s a good idea to survey your parking lot every few months for fading that might make the lot difficult to use—and the fresher your striping, the more your lot will stand out. You’ll also want to ensure that your designated parking spaces for handicapped, pregnant, and special visitors are clearly marked to avoid confusion.

Curcio Enterprises provides all of the above services and can answer any questions you might have. Contact us to make sure that your parking facility gets the attention it needs.