As vacation plans are being made and tickets are being purchased, getting your stadium’s parking lot ready for the influx of tourists is crucial. With an increase in crowds and tourism, it is more important than ever this summer to pay attention to the quality of your parking lot. Curcio Enterprises, Inc. highlights how you can clear the way for tourists during the busy summer months and keep your parking lot in the best shape.


Pave the Way for Stadium Visitors

Get rid of dirt, debris, and dangers that could cause trips, slips, or falls in your lot. Regularly pressure washing and power sweeping your premises will keep it clean and safe for drivers and pedestrians. You can also greater enhance the safety of your lot by paving the surface to fill potholes as well as treat other damaged areas. You can also seal your lot, so the influx of tourists and visitors can enjoy their time at the stadium this summer without worrying about getting hurt.


Pay Attention to the Signs

In overcrowded areas, people tend to follow the direction of the crowd. Make sure your stadium has the proper signage that correctly leads people to their destination. Can the crowd easily find the stairs, elevators, restrooms, and their way back to your parking lot? If not, then your lot needs the proper signage to guide them.


Light Up Your Stadium

Keep your stadium safe with ample lighting, premises security, and handrails. It is important to know the liability and risks associated with your parking lot. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule can keep your parking lot in excellent shape to avoid various types of injuries. You cannot prevent a clumsy pedestrian from injuring themselves on your lot, but you can prevent accidents from safety hazards at your facility.


Check the Drains

Ensure your stadium’s drainage is working properly to keep water away from pedestrians and visitors. A parking lot full of water and other debris creates an unpleasant experience for visitors. It can also cause problems down the road. That is, traffic jams or sewage issues. You should also pay attention to any hazardous materials on your premises, as they should be removed properly. Only treated water should reach the drains.


Work with the Right Business

Sometimes, it may be easier to work with whoever can get the job done quicker, but the quality is almost never the same. There are also various risks that can incur extra costs for your project, including a potential lawsuit if anyone is injured. When you have a deadline to meet, you want to make sure you use a licensed, insured, and experienced business to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Some of our clients include Dodger Stadium and Staples Center. We have the experience and equipment to complete your next project. We pride ourselves on prompt service and customer satisfaction. Contact Curcio Enterprises, Inc. to keep your stadium looking its best during the summer.