Parking always seems to be a pain on college campuses, but not much ever seems to get done about it. While most campuses promote other methods of transportation, such as bikes or carpooling, university parking lots still need work.


Parking Spot Searching

Students are not always interested in walking far or arriving on campus hours prior to class. Most campuses are notorious for spot-searchers in desperate need of a parking spot to make it to class on time. Drivers slowly creep down campus roads in search of students who are walking to their cars or who may look as if they are headed in that direction. This creates dangers on your campus roads and potential dangers for theft and harm.

Drivers that are more focused on finding a spot may not be paying as much attention to the road as they should be. Students may also be impacted when they are offered rides to their car in exchange for their spot. Though it’s fairly common to do this, it can put students at risk if the driver is not a student and looking to rob or harm them in some way. It is crucial to create an easy and safe parking experience for your students. To do this, you may need to spend more on parking lot maintenance and consider if your campus has enough space for all your students, faculty, and guests.


Inconvenience and Uncertainty

If drivers know your lot will create some sort of inconvenience or uncertainty for them, then this can create problems on the road. They may be rushing to your campus to quickly get a spot or to avoid that one pothole in the middle of the lot. Safe parking lots can help create safer drivers. You also don’t want to create a negative label associated with your campus. When students think of your college or university, you want them to offer positive feedback in all aspects. If you are a commuter-heavy school, then you especially need good feedback on parking.


Signed, Sealed, and Striped

It is key to have enough space for your students, but it is also essential to ensure every parking lot is well-maintained. Is there proper signage to designate faculty spots from student spots? Are there campus housing lots designated for students living on-campus? Ask these questions and make sure you have the proper signs to direct drivers in the right direction.

Your parking lot should also be properly sealed to protect from oil, wear, and weather damage. A parking lot seal coating also repairs most cracks to protect drivers and pedestrians. The last thing you want is an injury or accident to anyone entering your campus parking lots.

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