A parking facility maintenance team is a group of professionals hired to make your parking facility stand out from all the others. The duties of a maintenance team often vary, and range from cleaning and striping to installing sign packages.

Hiring the right maintenance team can be crucial for keeping your parking facility up to par and safe, which means only the best will do. This can be a pretty tricky decision; one team might have the best prices, but work at a snail’s pace. Another might move fast and have great Yelp reviews, but their prices are higher than you expected.

All these factors are relevant to finding the right team, but they’re just a sliver of the many qualities a good maintenance group should consistently exhibit. Here are five traits your team must always possess:


Parking facility maintenance is hard work. Often, it requires long hours and lots of physical activity, which is why your team needs to be in great shape and have plenty of energy to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


A parking facility maintenance team needs to move heavy objects, such as concrete wheel stops, to work out all the nooks and crannies of a specific job, and if the team doesn’t have the strength to push or pull, the work may not be finished in the time allotted, resulting in costly delays for your business.


Doing the minimum just isn’t enough, these days. To be successful, one must be willing to go above and beyond, and maintenance work is no exception. If you’ve already hired a team, it’s because you believe they’re the best, and that’s why your team must be committed to getting the job done and doing the maximum amount possible within the specified timeframe. A team that always strives to be bigger and better is usually worth hanging onto.


People who enjoy their work feel they have purpose, and are bound to do a stellar job. If your maintenance team likes what they’re doing and understands the importance of it all, you’ll drive into a clean, safe, and professional-looking parking facility every time.


You’re the client, which means you’re the one paying for service. A good maintenance team should always adhere to your schedule, and if they can’t, they’re probably not the best option. A well-balanced group will always be willing to work with you to find an appropriate day and time that fits your needs.

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